Triage Services

Our triage service offers a multi-faceted approach to care. 

  • Services include:

    • Coverage during business hours for meetings or emergencies

    • Pro-active comfort and pain assessment calls to high acuity patients

    • Welcome calls for new admissions

    • A check in call one hour after triaged clinical calls

    • Live Online Support for Field/Oncall Staff

    • We offer daily end of shift reports, documentation to a shared HIPAA compliant site.

Service Advantage:

Benefits of Our Services Include: 

  • Continuous, transparent care for your patients and their families.

  • We follow your direction and procedures.

  • A seamless transition in transfer of calls means your clients will always have someone available to answer their questions.

  • A decrease in staff “burn out” rates. Taking the burden of on-call responsibility from your staff increases morale and overall employee satisfaction, without compromising quality.

  • A reduction in the number of crisis visits. Our calm, confident expertise helps educate your patients and their families, and can provide the phone triage care that often eliminates the need for home visits and Unnecessary ED visits.

Innovative Solutions and Pricing

Multiple Platforms of Communication are utilized To Ensure Excellent Quality of Care and Provides our clients with a Fresh and Modern Marketing Edge.

  • Our Nurses and support staff have the ability to communicate via telephone triage, web conferencing, texting, messaging, faxing, e-scripting for providers, and more.

  • Your primary concern is the care and well being of your patients. Let NurseCMtriage help you provide care that is professional, compassionate, and affordable. Your patients, families, and facilities will be pleased with the knowledge that a trusted professional is only a phone call or a click away.

  • NurseCMtriage offers our customers extraordinary value in the form of high quality service for an affordable price. Our easy-to-understand and predictable monthly fees are based on your census and the shifts our nurses work.  We offer a flexible range of options

  • Weekends only

  • Weekday nights only

  • Weekday nights and weekends

  • Holidays

  • Hourly, as needed



Tel. 1855.222.0083


1 Timothy 1:12

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