Chryste Middleton-Shakir, BS, RN, CCM


Chief Executive Officer / Care manager


  • 21 years of healthcare experience

  • 16 years of nursing experience including:  Clinical Nursing, Case Management Executive Leadership, Clinical Training, and Utilization Management experience.

  • Certified Case Manager

  • 21 years of Public Speaking

Takia Johnson, CMA


      Care Coordinator

  • 9 years of Geriatric Care

  • 8 years of Rehabilitative Care

  • 2 years of Living Assistance and Residential Care

Fanie Pierre, MSN, RN

​    Care Manager

  • 10 years combined nursing experience: including clinical nursing, clinical leadership,
    case management, rehabilitative nursing, psychiatric/behavioral health nursing, and home health.  

Jenna Farnham, RN, BSN

​    Care Manager

  • 1 year nursing experience: Women's Health

Candace Franklin, RN, BSN, CCM

​    Chief Nursing Officer (Maryland) / Care Manager

  • 10 years nursing experience: including QA/QI clinical auditing, Case Management,
    Telephonic Nurse Triage, Utilization Management and Medical Review, Home Health, and Dialysis.

  • Experienced Certified Paralegal

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